Casual Dating vs Serious Dating

Casual Dating vs Serious Dating

Casual Dating
This is a more relaxed form of dating. It’s when you’re talking to a person, dating them, or engaging in casual sex, but you are not serious and there is no commitment. Someone who is casually dating someone may also be seeing other people.

The rules are quite relaxed, too. Casual daters may see each other monthly and aren’t that upset if they have to wait a long time. This is because casual dating doesn’t have too many hard feelings attached to it.

With casual dating, it is important that both people are on the same page. If you’re taking it casually, but the other person thinks you’re serious, this can lead to some problems. It’s important to date other people looking for casual fun, or let your intentions be known early on. On your dating app, say you’re looking for casual dating. Many people on dating apps or websites, even Tinder, are looking for a serious relationship, and you don’t want to get anyone else’s hopes up if that’s not your intention.

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There are many reasons why someone may casually date. Maybe they’re young and don’t want anything too serious just yet. Maybe they’re dating during the pandemic and don’t want to take it to the next level just yet. And some people are naturally casual. As long as your partner knows and you practice safe sex, it’s all good.

It’s becoming a more popular form of dating due to there being less pressure to settle down right away. While there are still people in the market for a serious relationship, casual dating can be a way for a young person to experiment or find out what type of person they like.

Serious dating is when you’re committed to a person. You have feelings for them, and they have feelings for you. Because of this, you’re not seeing anyone else and you hope to one day take the relationship to the next level.

This is for people who are looking for love or security. Unlike casual dating, which can be for fun, you want to possibly start a life with the person you’re dating. There’s no rush to hitch and have kids, but the serious commitment is there.

Monogamous Vs. Polyamory
Serious dating is usually considered to be monogamous, meaning that you two are seeing each other and no one else. However, polyamory is also increasing in popularity. This is when you are also seeing another person, and it’s also a serious commitment.

Polyamory involves communication and trust between all parties involved. It can be both serious and casual, depending on the context.

It Can Evolve
Casual dating can lead to serious dating. Many people go into a date with casual intentions, but after a few dates, feelings develop for each other. As long as both parties are on the same page, a casual relationship evolving into something serious can be a good thing.

The opposite can happen as well. You may be in a serious relationship and the two of you change your mind, however, you two still want to see each other. Relationships are unpredictable.

Which One Should You Pick?
It all depends on who you are. If you’re someone who is not looking for anything serious right now, then go with casual. However, if you do want a commitment, pick serious. If you’re someone who doesn’t care either way, go into the date and let it evolve organically. Usually, that’s what happens, anyway. When we date someone, we don’t know how it will go.

Casual Dating Tips
Before we go, let’s list some tips, starting with casual dating.

  • Intentions are everything. Before the relationship begins, state that you’re just looking for something casual, be it on your dating profile or on the date. Even if your profile says you’re looking for casual, you should still tell your date this in case they forgot or didn’t read your full profile.
  • Make plans, but don’t plan too ahead. Having a calendar of plans with your casual date defeats the entire purpose.
  • Casually dating someone means you still need to respect them. For example, you should always tell your date if you can’t make it. Don’t think that ghosting someone is okay just because you’re in a casual relationship.
  • Make it known if feelings start to develop. Maybe the date will agree, and you can take it seriously. However, if they don’t, perhaps take a break.
  • Speaking of taking a break, end the relationship should you not want to date them anymore.

Serious Dating Tips

  • Put all other dates on pause. Don’t try to be seeing multiple people during the serious date, unless the other person is okay with it.
  • Once again, make your intentions known.
  • While you’re serious, you should not have deep plans right away. For example, on the third gate, talking about marriage and children may scare off the person, even if they’re serious too.
  • Have some plans ready.
  • Communication is always important, and you should always make sure that you tell your date when you are available. For example, if you’re going camping in an area with no cell phone service, tell this to your partner beforehand.

Both casual and serious dating have their place in the dating world. Dating is something that doesn’t have a wrong way to do things. If you’re serious about dating, go right ahead. If you want to date casually, for now, feel free to. As long as both parties are having fun, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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