Vaccinate your kids, it will save their lives

We vaccinate, quite simply, because vaccinations saves lives. It’s not only about protecting the health and life your own child, but also that of so many others, especially the most vulnerable in society such as babies who are still too young to be vaccinated. With herd immunity, if enough children in a community are immunized against a disease, then that infection will no longer be able to travel through that community. Think of the millions of lives we’re saving.

The South African Vaccination and Immunization Center (SAIVC) reports that cases of diphtheria are now very rare, and states that according to The World Health Organization (WHO), “South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe have potentially eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus.” Both are vicious and deadly diseases.

So if doctors fully support and encourage vaccinations, and the results of immunization are clear to see, wouldn’t everyone be pro-vaxx?

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